Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Art of Evasion

For the past few days we've had a cockroach at large in the house. He has been evading each and every death attempt made on his life, much to my frustration. We never seemed to have a shoe on hand when the time fit. I could only remind myself that he would slip up at some point and I WOULD catch him. His days were numbered. I was determined.

I no longer felt safe walking into my own bathroom as that was the only place he kept showing his ugly head. Imagine stepping into your bathroom with caution every time you had to use the toilet. Shaking out the hamper to see if anything would run out or pulling out the drawers with caution for fear of something running up your arm.

Well, tonight I had my chance to strike back.

I was on the phone in my bedroom when all of a sudden I heard my mom scream in the bathroom, followed by a loud commotion of movement and noises. As soon as I heard her yell I instinctively grabbed my shoe and ran to the door.

Apparently the little creeper had been hiding out on the toilet somewhere and ran down her leg when she sat down! Talk about a jump start to the ol' ticker!

As Mom was now standing on top of the toilet I cautiously pulled out the hamper where he'd run off to and prepared to give it a shake and drive him out. The movement definitely drove him out but he wasn't on the run for long. This was my chance. I raised my shoe and slammed it down with gusto!

The rest is history.

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Ashley said...

All I have to say to that, is LOL!!!!!