Friday, August 14, 2009

Smoke Signals

My smoke signals said it was dinner time. Those signals got crossed. My neighbor next door thought his roof was on fire.

A few nights ago I decided to make Hobo meals for dinner. I had my packages wrapped in foil and set out to get the charcoal going. I grabbed my dad's charcoal lighter thingee (it holds the charcoal and you light a fire underneath it til they're hot and prepped for the grill).

Now I've only had to use this thing a handful of times because normally that's Dad's domain, so it really was no wonder that I was having a lil' trouble getting the charcoal to ignite. The first round of paper I lit just had enough heat to make a lot of smoke. I noticed the trail of smoke was mostly blowing in the direction of my neighbors fence but I thought, "No worries, the wind is blowing enough it'll clear it all out." (Just remember, the smoke was not thick or out of control by any means. It was just a light fragrance of BBQ in the air. So I thought!)

Apparently that wasn't the case.

My dad arrived home and after I told him what I was making for dinner he informed me that the neighbor had just asked him if we had our chiminea going. Dad told him no and that he'd just gotten home and the neighbor immediately went back to searching his attic for the mystery burning smell.

I was like, "WHAT?" I couldn't help but laugh that my neighbor had been frantically diving around his attic with the fan on looking for any signs of something burning. Dad decided he better go put an end to our neighbors search and told him it was just ME cooking dinner.

I thought it smelled like a BBQ but maybe I was mistaken............LOL!

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