Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Office Blunder

I popped into my sisters office before leaving work today to chat for a few. Just a perk of working at the same company.

Anywho, as we were talking in walked Andrew whom I haven't seen in over a year so you can understand if my brain was a little foggy. The first thing that popped out of my mouth was, "Hi Andy! Oh wait, it's Andrew, right?"

I couldn't believe I slipped like that. You see, my sister and I enjoy watching "The Office" and working at our own "office" we've seen similarities between co-workers and the characters on the actual show. Hence, we've given them secret "names". Not that we'd ever tell them of course, but we know who anonymously plays the roles in our place of work.

My mind apparently skipped a beat because he was our "Andy, aka-Andrew Bernard" at the office and I just shouted out to the world, "Hi Andy!" It's like my brain automatically took over. Pahhhh! My cover was almost blown but at least his name was Andrew, so it was a believable mistake. Right? HA!

After he left her office she and I just looked at each other with laughter written all over our faces. I almost let the cat out of the bag!

Got to love the office.

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