Saturday, August 8, 2009

Smoking Gun

Last night my sister came over to our house and when she walked in she said, "My car is smoking and something is burning."

I of course, being the curious one, shot outside to see what was going on. Indeed her car was smoking from the hood and smelled like "something" was burning up. She ran to get the hose as a precaution before lifting the hood and I stood by trying to use my reasoning skills as to what it was I should be thinking. After inspection we were able to come to the conclusion that there was a leak in the power steering department and something was burning.

As the power steering was shot, her lone car spent the night in our driveway.

This morning she made a phone call to the dealership and they suggested she come down to get a bottle of steering fluid and see if that would help her get her car into the shop. After picking her up we did just that. We buzzed over there, picked up the bottle, came back to my house and filled her up.

We knew with the leak that our time to get to the dealership was limited so as soon as it was topped off my sister took off at a fast pace with me in hot pursuit. Now, just know the dealership is only 3 miles away but WE were dealing with a car that was burning from the inside out and in dire need of a doctor, aka-mechanic.

We were halfway to our destination when I spotted it. My eyes zeroed in on the light puffs of smoke that were rolling out from under my sister's car. I immediately seized my phone and punched her number in, waving it in my front windshield in hopes that she would see me in her mirror and pick-up. I could only imagine the grip she had on the steering wheel, willing her car to make it to the dealership. (I know we were both praying the whole way there that we'd make it the short distance.)

She finally heard the jingle from her phone and picked up only to have me tell her that her car was smoking and she informed me that she could smell it burning. Our speedy mode for getting to the dealership had just turned to URGENT! We knew time was limited. Rather than wait for the light to change we took a right and then a fast left into the autoplex. Unfortunately at that moment we wound up behind two jokers that couldn't figure out which dealership they wanted to go visit.

I was silently urging my sister to just pass them on the left as the smoke continued to roll out from underneath her car. (Personally, I just wanted her to bump the car in front of her out of her way. LOL!) Desperate times call for desperate measures! Thanks to the heavens above, the two slow pokes turned on their right blinkers and we took our opportunity to split past them on the left and onto the dealership. But by a prayer we got there without something exploding under the hood. I'm sure we were both gave a huge sigh of relief after zipping in the drive.

She pulled in, parked it, and as we both went in to the office the kind gentleman that was taking down her information asked, "Which car is yours out there?"

My sisters simple response........"The one that's smoking."



T. Russell said...

well her response of, "the one that's smoking," should have led him to the right car. Poor Heath, I hope everything is okay...I'm glad she didn't explode along with her hunk a hunk of "burning" love.

Judith Anne said...

When Dad told her to run her car into the ground (wink-wink) she took him seriously.....LOL!