Monday, August 24, 2009

Please Let Me Disappear

I was at our local CostCo shopping with my dad this evening. He was over picking up prescriptions and I wound up on "cart duty". Mmm-hmmm, keeping an eye on the cart to make sure someone doesn't roll off with it. Well, I wasn't really a fan of standing by the "Pads" and "Poise" so I decided to move on down the line with the cart to somewhere that didn't scream out "look at me".

I looked back over my shoulder and noticed Dad was at the counter picking up his drugs. Perfect. I continued looking at items on the shelf when all of a sudden..........there it was. That ring I know all too well. My head snapped up and I quickly took in my surroundings looking for any older aged person that might be nearby that would have such a loud ring. I was secretly hoping that it wasn't my dad for the person that had the ringing phone continued to let it ring.....and ring......and ring. After a few moments of eyeing the people around me my eyes finally landed back on my dad. The phone was still ringing and I saw my dad reach for HIS phone and the loud ringing ceased at that exact moment. All I could do was shake my head in embarrassment. My dad.

I guess my only consolation during this situation was that I was 30 feet away from him when all this went down.

A blessing indeed..............until he came and stood by me. LOL!

At least his phone wasn't blaring the typical tune of "Ooooh when the saints.......go marching in......."

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