Thursday, August 6, 2009


That was the name of the game.

I had the opportunity to fill in for my sister's receptionist this week, although just for a day there was no way I was going to turn down my old job. I was on top of the world! LOL!

Here are a few highlights from my day:

-I almost forgot the greatest company joke of all. Joe Berona. He's a made up man we send unwanted sales calls to. A caller directly asked for "Joe" and I nearly replied back, "Ummm, we don't have anyone by that name here." Luckily, my senses took over and I sent the caller on his happy little way to Joe's voicemail.

-I never thought I'd be so happy to fold hundreds of papers for a mailer.....BUT I WAS!

-I realized my folding finger was greatly out of shape as it started cramping up behind the knuckle after half a stack of paper. Ice it down girl!

-And how could I forget about all the phone calls received as a receptionist?! My favorite of the day was a woman with a heavy accent. While on the phone she asked me to confirm the spelling of an employees name so I indulged her. She answered back, "Okay. That's E as in Echo, C as in Charlie......blah,blah,blah.......and Y as in Yonkee?" Yonkee? It rhymed with donkey! LOL! I believe my response was a simple, "Yup." I enjoyed her new rendition to the familiar "Yankee" term.

Being without work definitely gives you a new perspective on things. You learn to enjoy the small things..............if but for awhile, LOL!

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