Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Last week I drove my brother and my fiance up to Prescott, AZ for a little fun in the cooler weather. We arrived to the hotel before my dad, mom, and sister so we pulled into the parking lot and turned off the car. My brother hopped out to take a gander at his new surroundings and with hands in his pockets he scouted out the area. As he crept closer to the front of my car his head shot up and he looked back at me still sitting in the drivers seat and told me I hit something. I replied back with, "What?!" In my mind I was trying to calculate the damage done from this mystery object I must have hit driving through the mountains. The next thing I know my brother leans down and nonchalantly pulls up the front page of a newspaper that had been clinging to my grill for who knows how long. Pahhhhh! I don't know why that struck me as being so funny but I can only assume I laughed so hard because all I could think about was how long that must have been flapping in the breeze as I zoomed across the miles and what we must have looked like. I vaguely remembered a flying piece of newspaper while we were still in the Valley on the freeways, but I thought I had driven over it. Perhaps the reason I couldn't stop laughing was due to the reason that I couldn't stop picturing us driving down the road with a big old front page attached to our grill. Normally I'm the one letting out a little laugh at other people who have items stuck in their grill.

The only thing that made it worse was that I had been having chest pains and it hurt to laugh. My brother looked back at me sitting in the car as I was clutching my side, desperately trying to keep my laughing under control. I just thought the whole situation was too funny. I had to stop looking at my brother, otherwise I was going to laugh myself right into a heart attack!

It probably didn't help when he told me he'd get rid of the newspaper and threw it on the ground and began kicking it down the little hill in front of the car. That only spurred on more laughter from a girl who couldn't laugh. What a nut job............LOL!

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