Thursday, June 4, 2009

Heartattack Hill

Last night Dad and I decided to go for a bike ride. We set off with our destination in mind. In order to get to that destination we had to ride through a sketchy part of town, sketchy---especially at NIGHT. So off we were, peddling through this town and we came to a big hill that we had to climb. It's the bridge that leads over the freeway, and Lord help me I thought I was going to die riding up that thing! It's a climb..........that's all I could say as my lungs were burning and I gasped for air. Dad passed me when he had a clear break and charged on ahead, up the hill to the top of the bridge but it's barely a workout for him with those tree stump legs of his. Shoot, my legs were like noodles and my thighs were on fire! Halfway up this hill I realized that I would probably gain more ground if I got off my bike and walked it to the top. NO JOKE! Cars were zooming past me at 30mph and there I was going no faster than .5mph. I kid you not, I was moving at a snails pace and it felt like I was stuck in slow motion. I think I was barely moving at one point. It's as those time stood still. Pahhhhhh!

Well, I trudged on ahead and finally made it to the top of the freeway bridge without having to get off my bike. It felt like my lungs were burning a hole in my chest. LOL! I took a 10 second breather and then we rode on to the trailhead area near the mountain park we were headed to. I soon realized that the mile long rode back to the ramadas was UPHILL. (It never felt like we were going uphill in the car, but put yourself on a bike and you can feel the difference.) Once we got back there I parked my bike in front of the fountain and drank to my hearts content.

Let me just say that as Dad and I turned around to head back home, I barely had to peddle at all and it was complete BLISS! We coasted down the whole mountain rode and when we got to the freeway bridge I thought I was in heaven. I didn't even have to peddle coming down. I told my dad that we had to have broken the 25mph speed limit in town. LOL! Getting there was a real pain but coming home was oh so sweet!

Will I ever do it again? Hmmm................................I think so!

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