Monday, May 18, 2009

Flick A Fleck

I was driving to the store with my dad when I just so happened to glance over at him. There on the tip of his nose was a little dry flake, hanging by a thread from the tip of his nose. I figured it was my duty to make him aware of that and told him what was hanging out on his nose. He immediately flipped down his visor to look in the mirror and after seeing it he snatched it off with his fingers.

I watched him as he leaned forward towards the dash of the truck and let the little flake drop to the ground. Well, I am sad to say that it did NOT fall to the ground. Oh no. Dad just so happened to release that little flake (which I can only hope was a piece of dry skin) right in front of one of the air conditioner vents. I watched as that little flake floated on the air currents over to my direction. Nice. I immediately curled my legs up in hope that it wouldn't hit me. I'm sad to say that I lost sight of it. I, of course, began yelling at my dad and the fact that it "could" have touched me and that just made him laugh. As I was going on about it I began to feel something funny in the back of my throat on my tongue. Like a little piece of food or....................dry skin! I looked at my dad with one of my looks and told him that I thought that little flake from his nose made it in my mouth and was resting on my tongue. I was about ready to cough up a hairball!

There are very few times I have made my dad throw back his head and REALLY laugh, but today was one of those times. Despite the drama of the situation (on my account, LOL) I was pleased with myself for making him laugh like that.

What are kids for, right?

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