Monday, June 22, 2009

Bee Not Afraid

We have a bee problem.

They've been bouncing off of our front windows all afternoon and we're not quite sure what they're up to. Are they preparing to build a hive? Are they crawling up into the eaves and into the attic? It's a mystery as to why they are here.

After dinner, Dad and I were out surveying the bees from a safe distance, trying to figure out what our plan of attack was going to be. We needed a bee removal. As Dad and I were discussing possible options my mom came walking out the front door with trash bins in hand and was headed across the driveway to the trash cans. Dad looked at me with a twinkle in his eye and I knew he was up to no good when he picked up a twig. Had I thought it was going to actually come in contact with my mom I would've given her a warning but I thought he'd miss. I was wrong. That twig hit her square on the back of the neck and the next thing I knew her arms were flailing, mouth wailing, and the trash bins were trailing behind her. Dad was laughing out of control and I couldn't believe what I'd just been witness to. If only I'd caught a video of it on my phone......... Mom thought she'd been stung by a bee and nearly wet her pants and Dad couldn't figure out why she didn't want a kiss from him. It's a rare occasion when I see my dad get truly tickled like that. He laughs so hard it's as though he needs oxygen shipped in.

Back to the bees.

Dad and I were standing in the grass debating who was going to go grab the hose and turn on the water. Unfortunately, the bees were swarming right where the hose and water nozzle lies. I took one for the team and told him I'd grab the hose, and grab I did. Dad decided the next step should be setting up his bug killer spray before turning on the water. I agreed that was a smooth move and off he went to get that situated. I was soon to find out that the bug spray he had did not say anything on the front label about killing and eliminating bees. He continued to insist that it WOULD do the trick. I have yet to be amazed.

Dad finally came back to the yard and had his bottle of poison all set to go. All we had to do was turn on the water nozzle. Simple enough really, right? Well, out of no where came this kamikaze carpenter bee, you know---one of those big black ones, and he seemed to have a thing for me and it sent me running. Imagine.........long legs galloping, arms flailing, you get the picture. I made a huge circle around the yard before the bee finally buzzed off. Dad started laughing out loud at my ever so graceful moves as I skirted across the yard and out of reach of that black bee. Why me?!

(Dad wanted me to update and inform that the bees are gone. Am I buying it? No. There is no trace of the bees anywhere. Did they vaporize? Did they go up into the attic? I have yet to be a believer. I think tomorrow will tell the true tale on whether or not that potion of dad's actually worked.)


Ashley said...

"Imagine.........long legs galloping, arms flailing, you get the picture. Dad started laughing out loud at my ever so graceful moves as I skirted across the yard and out of reach of that black bee." -- All I have to say, is LOL!!!!! I've been losing my mind the last few days, and this really brightened me up. ... Uh oh .. I think I woke Abigail up from my loud snorting and laughing. We all know how loud THAT can get ...

Judith Anne said...

If only you could have seen it....LOL!