Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I was JUST in the kitchen getting things ready for dinner and I pulled out the glass jar of bacon bits from the fridge for our baked potatoes. I walked out of the kitchen holding the skinny jar and noticed the little bits were packed in there so I decided to shake the bottle in the air. There I was, hand raised in the air with my bacon bit GLASS jar, moving it in circles as though I was cheering on the home team.

I was shaking things up when I started yelling "chug-chug-chug" with each rotation of the arm and the next thing I know I clocked myself right above the eyebrow with that glass jar! Pahhhhhh! I think I was stunned for a second or two as I processed what I had just done and my sister who was watching the whole presentation broke out in laughter. Not that I blame her, for I was soon laughing at myself. I couldn't believe I had just clunked myself in the head. I needed something cool to put on my injury so I raised the cold bacon bit jar and placed it on the ol' forehead. Oooooooh, if you could only have seen that go down.

I think I feel a goose-egg coming on............

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