Sunday, June 21, 2009

Zipper DiZaster

Why does it seem the greatest challenges always come when you are by yourself?

My challenge: getting out of my dress in one piece. :)

We had just finished our Sunday dinner and I went to my room to change out of my dress. Now, I remembered how to get into the dress that morning, but by the afternoon I'd kind-of forgotten how to get OUT of it. It's a finicky zipper it is and rather than unzip the side the whole way I'm restricted to only unzipping it about 3 inches. (Otherwise I run the chance of the zipper getting stuck.........yet again.)

So there I was, side zipper undone 3 inches and despite the fact that I got the dress on that way over the head it was clearly NOT going to come off that way. I tried the over the head approach at first, yanking and tugging, but got no where. It seemed to keep getting stuck on something, wink-wink. I tried to lower it over the hips and found no hope there. What was the deal? I hadn't eaten that much for lunch. So, I was stuck. Stuck in a dress that only hours before had gone on smoothly and now seemed glued to me.

I was all alone in my room and with no one nearby to lend a hand I knew I was on my own. I was my only hope. I even gave myself the pep talk telling myself "You can do this, you can do this.........stay calm" when I started to get that frenzied look in my eyes. Getting out of that dress was up to me. I was either gonna make it.................or break it.

After struggling for minutes with the dress and no luck getting it off I decided to cave and undo the zipper another 3 inches past the ribbon that it always seems to get stuck on, a very risky move. Now that I had a little more breathing room I decided that since the dress came on over the head it was going off over the head so upward I pulled. As I was soon lost in all the fabric, I realized all my upward yanking was in vain and what do you suppose I did? I started laughing. Squeals of laughter started sprouting from my lips. I was stuck in a tunnel of fabric and I knew it.

There I was, arms in the air with floral fabric all around my head, and all I could do was giggle. I could feel the panic of "what to do" gaining on me. I decided it was now or never and upward I went. After about the 5th or 6th yank the dress finally made it over my chest and off the head. Pahhhhh!

I think it's time for a new zipper................

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