Thursday, November 26, 2009

Parade Lover

My mom flipped on the TV this morning to the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. I was working in the kitchen when she sat down to watch a little bit of it and sip her morning coffee. Dad of course was at his desk tinkering away and just had to make fun of mom for turning on the parade. He is not the parade person.


Guess who's been at the TV more than anyone else? Dad. For someone who doesn't care for parades he sure has made his way over to the TV quite a bit this morning. You should have seen him when he heard the Broadway Musical "Shrek" come on. He practically jumped out of his desk chair and rushed to the TV to turn up the volume. Mom and I just looked at each other with pure amusement on our faces.

He was dancing and singing to the song and I couldn't even see the TV. He turned around to look at me, flashing me a smile with a look on his face that read, "Aren't you enjoying this?" I fired back with the reply, "I can't even see it. You make a great door Dad." LOL!

He's a nut.

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