Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I was in the break room with my sister today when the bag of chips she had paid for got stuck in the vending machine. They were hanging precariously and I knew that all hope was not lost.

My sister ventured over to the sink and I automatically set to work to free the helpless bag of fat chips. I strategically placed my hands on either side of the vending machine and used the strength I could muster to rock the machine back and forth. All you could hear was ba-boom, ba-boom, BA-BOOM. I was determined to set free the bag of chips. My sister looked at me in what I would like to think was amazement at the great strength I was using in order to free her chips, but who are we kidding. I think my technique shocked her and she was just standing there watching, waiting for me to break the machine. HA!

After a few more BA-BOOM's........sweet victory was mine! As I leaned over to snatch my sisters bag of chips from the tray below all I could think about were the nearby employees that might have heard all the ruckus or at least my loud laughter. I happily handed the chip bag off to my sister and threw an air punch into the air for added effect.

Ahhhh, great times at the office.

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