Sunday, November 1, 2009

Power Wash

Dad came into my room this morning at 7:30 (after I'd just woken up) and told me my car was dirty. The first words out of my mouth were, "Oh no, did somebody trash it last night?" Wasn't the case. He told me it was just filthy and that I should go wash it at the self-serve car wash. He's been bugging to take me there for awhile now so I figured I might as well indulge him.

So we head off to the car wash and Dad shows me the ropes so to speak. He takes charge and rinses the car with the hose and tells me (as I stand on the sidelines) that he'll let me power wash it next. He finally hands me the water nozzle and there was already a spray of water coming out so I started running it down the side of the car. Dad looks at me like I'm a ding-dong and tells me, "Pull the trigger."

WOW! I pulled the trigger and was practically thrown into the brick wall behind me! I was not prepared for the force coming out of that nozzle and had to practically lean forward just to balance myself out as I made my way around the car. That was definitely a two hand job.

Wish you could've seen that one!

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