Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I thought my computer was having a relapse from 2 years ago!

I was online when all of a sudden my computer started opening window after window of the same page. The pages were multiplying like rabbits and I couldn't figure out what set it off! I immediately thought of the time I accidentally placed 6 inches of filing on the corner of my keyboard which caused the enter key to continue reopening a window every time I tried to close it. Thinking that was the problem this time I quickly looked down at my keyboard but found no obstructions.

As the pages continued opening up my little finger was clicking away on the mouse as fast as it possibly could. I watched the pages overwhelm my computer screen and all I heard was click-click-click-click-click. I was trying to close them just as fast as they opened but I couldn't keep up, it was a losing battle! Of course during this whole time I was trying not to panic thinking that my computer had just been infested with a virus of some sort. Pahhhhh!

Talk about a malfunction. I wound up pulling the plug.

Where's my help desk? LOL!

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