Monday, December 21, 2009

What a Day.....

Here's what's happened during my day:
  • I was devastated to find that the one Wal-Mart in town that didn't smell like a Wal-Mart now smells like a Wal-Mart. What a letdown.
  • I saw a man with long hair walk by and I could totally have pictured him wielding a sword working at the Renaissance Fair in some of that "Braveheart" garb. After seeing him I thought of my sister.
  • My replacement during lunch put the phone down on the receiver after transferring a call and a horrid, high pierced noise let out from my phone and wouldn't stop. As she rushed to find the IT guy I scrambled to find the correct cord to dismantle. I unplugged the phone and the problem was solved. Obnoxious phone.
  • I'm wearing nylons that look like I've been peppered with BB's. Much to my dismay the clear nail polish on the 2 small holes I found only made it MORE noticeable. Just my luck. I hope no one has noticed.
  • For the first time in my life I went to get ice out of the freezer at work so I could chill the lukewarm soda on the counter and saw black hairs in the ice bucket. No thanks. I immediately trashed the cup and decided the water on my desk would suffice for the day.
  • I nearly gave myself a concussion when I lowered my head to sneeze and wound up hitting my head on the edge of my desk in the process.
  • I ate way too many cookies, foolishly thinking that would get me through the day. I wound up pulling my lunch out at 3:30 before I crashed from low blood sugar.

I still have 7 hours before I go to bed. What else can happen today?!

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