Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Bruised Bridge

I took a chance last night. I saw an opportunity too good to turn down and now I am paying for it. HA!

I am stuffed up as can be right now and last night my mom noticed I was having some breathing troubles. She asked me kindly if I'd be interested in wearing a Breathe Right Strip to bed that evening. I'll admit my first thought was NO. I did not want to wear one of those, they are made for people that snore, right? That just wasn't me, but the more I pondered the idea the more it grew on me. Mom said that it would open up the nasal passage and let me breathe and I must admit that anything is better than having to breathe through your mouth.

So, I jumped on the Breathe Right Strip train last night and after a demonstration from my mom on how to correctly attach the nose strip I felt I was prepared. Later that evening I carefully placed the strip on my nose and climbed into bed. I immediately felt a difference in how I was breathing and it was FABulous! I could actually breathe where as moments before I couldn't squeeze a noodle though my nose if I tried.

I slept wonderfully and the strip really served its purpose, however, I'm in a full debate as to whether I will ever wear one again. This morning when I woke up I noticed I had a dark spot right across the bridge of my nose. I got a little closer to the mirror and realized the darn strip had bruised the bridge of my nose!

I look like I got popped in the nose! LOL!

(Thankfully no one has said anything about it............yet.)

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