Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Talk About Bold

One of my dogs has found a new love in barking at squirrels. They run high above on the power lines and cling to the trees. When Abbie sees a squirrel it's as though she gets a one track mind and can't help but focus on anything but the squirrel. As I was getting ready this morning it didn't take long before I heard a ruckus of barking coming from the backyard.

I stormed out the door and over to the corner of the yard where Abbie was barking and found the culprit about 10 feet up on the power line. I don't mind if Abbie watches the squirrels but the barking I try to curb. I took hold of her collar and made her sit. While I was reprimanding Abbie for her "bad behavior" the squirrel was watching everything with a close eye and do you know what he did? He laughed at us! I tell you it sounded like he was outright laughing at us. Talk about ornery!

I stood there in mild shock with my mouth dropped wide open and one hand resting on Abbie's head as I stared in disbelief. That squirrel was chattering away like nobody's business. I couldn't believe that the squirrel had the nerve to be so bold.

I'm starting to believe that the squirrels get some kind of sick enjoyment out of tormenting the dogs down below. LOL!

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