Friday, July 23, 2010

Locked Away in the Dungeon

It was 3a.m. when my eyes popped open and my bladder was screaming at me to release the floodgates. I figured I better not ignore that feeling and carefully navigated my way to the edge of the bed.

My feet landed on the floor and I stood up cautiously hoping to not step on any 4 legged family members down below. I was in complete darkness and although my eyes were WIDE open I couldn't see a thing. I immediately threw my arms out in hopes of finding the door but boy was I way off track. I had my hands plastered on the wall, feeling my way down until I finally met the door. I grabbed the handle and pulled but the door didn't open. I did it again. Nothing budged. I tried again, over and over and yet still got nowhere. I was starting to panic thinking someone had locked us in the basement bedroom. (Probably didn't help that my husband had shoved the sofa in front of the door and locked me in the room earlier that day. Pahhh!)

I continued my struggle with the door, 2 hands on the doorknob, as my mind reeled with thoughts like, "Oh my gosh, somebody locked us in. We're stuck....." I just couldn't get the door to budge.

Finally, by some miracle, I pushed the door rather than pulled and it opened just a hair before my momentum pulled it back shut. THAT'S when I remembered the door was a push to open, not a pull to open. LOL!

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