Monday, July 12, 2010

Couch Credentials

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to get a couch cover on, really it doesn't. Today however proved more challenging and perhaps I COULD have used the help of another.

I was forced to wash our couch cover yesterday due to unforeseen events (no thanks to Abbie) and it was dry by morning so I decided to put it back on the couch. Perhaps I should say, I attempted to put it back on the couch. I was alone and doing the best I could but for some reason it just wasn't looking right. I would struggle on the left and then struggle on the right, aiming to get the lines to meet up just right. After about 10 minutes of an endless battle I finally took a step back and tried to regroup my thoughts. Why wasn't this couch cover going on easy?

It was at that moment that it dawned on me.......I needed to look for the tag. I remembered when I took the cover off yesterday in search of the washing directions the tag was on the backside of the couch cover. With that fresh thought in my head I began lifting up the couch cover and noticed I had the tag in the front of the couch. No wonder it wouldn't fit right!!!

The tag is always in the back. How could I have looked past that minor detail?!

Being reminded of this helpful tidbit will now make it a breeze when placing the cover on the couch and I can wow my husband with my amazingly fast couch cover skills.

Don't need a degree for this one. LOL!

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