Monday, December 13, 2010


My husband and I have moved to our newest location. A small town in the middle of the desert called Calpatria. However, with my own personal reasons I feel they should name this place Cowpatria.

We're living on a dirt lot with a few shade trees around us but that sizzling sun makes it feel more like summer than winter. We made camp on a space big enough to fit our trailer and both vehicles. Our "yard" size for our 3 dogs has definitely been cut down with both our vehicles being parked alongside the trailer. We have a small dirt patch with a few blades of grass shooting up from the ground, but perhaps I should say "had". I had to take our Benny boy outside on an emergency run and he went straight to the grass and chewed it down to nubbins.......much like a cow. He is our own personal black and white cow that has left us with little to no grass now. It's like a true Charlie Brown backyard.

So, with all the black and white cows around this farming community, including the one living inside my trailer, I feel the name of this town should be changed to Cowpatria.

Seems fitting.

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