Saturday, December 25, 2010

Find the Pickle!

There is a German tradition that takes place involving a Christmas tree and a pickle. Parents would hide a pickle ornament on the Christmas tree and then the children would try to find it. Whoever the lucky finder of the pickle was would get a special Christmas treat.

This year my sister decided to start that tradition. On Christmas Eve when we were all gathered from the nights festivities my sister sent us from the living room so she could hide the pickle ornament. When the deed was done she called us out to begin the great pickle search. We decided it would only be fair if our mom got to the tree first since us "children" were all feeling a little antsy about finding it first.

We excitedly rushed to the tree, calmly behind Mother (LOL), and began the search for the treasured green pickle looking high and low, inside and out. We had hardly begun the search through the Christmas tree when I moved my foot back to take a step and clunked my ankle bone against a wooden table leg. I immediately collapsed to the floor in a fit of pain and giggles, grasping my ankle bone with both hands. Rather than stop the process of the search due to my own faulty move I decided to get out of the way so my mom, brother and husband could continue the search without stumbling over me. On hands and knees I practically crawled between my husbands legs to a safer location, laughing all the way.

The intense search continued and after I massaged away the pain I was ready to get back into the game. I walked over to the tree and began looking through the branches for the pickle. After listening to my brothers comments about how he couldn't find it anywhere on his side of the tree where he was looking I felt rather guilty when I spotted it near the trunk of the tree in the middle where he had already looked. As much as I love my brother I didn't let those feelings stop me from snatching it up myself and yelling, "I found the pickle!"

How exciting that was! Next time I am in Arizona for Christmas it will be my job to hide the pickle and oh how I can't wait........

Merry Christmas!

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Lisa Messner said...

we have some friends that do this every year and it sounds like fun. Since Jeff is of German background too, we might have to start this ourselves. It sounds like a lot of fun and my boys would love it.