Saturday, November 13, 2010


I went to Jason's Deli for lunch with my family today and after we finished our meals I asked if anyone wanted one of their complimentary soft serve ice-cream cones. While I got my sisters cone with chocolate frozen yogurt I noticed the chocolate was thick. It was coming out very slow and I wondered if the machine would have enough gusto to squeeze a little out into my own cone.

I grabbed a cone and pulled the lever for the chocolate. Nothing was coming out so I released the lever, waited a few seconds and then pulled it again. Ever so slowly some chocolate yogurt started to squeeze out, first a half inch, then an inch, then 2 inches.......and then all movement ceased. Now use your own imagination. I'm staring at a brown tube like structure of ice-cream that is just dangling above my cone waiting below. I could tell you what I thought it looked like but that wouldn't be appropriate. However, that didn't stop the man beside me from shouting it out.

"Whooooooa, that thing's constipated!" was all I heard. The man practically yelled it out as he looked over my shoulder. It's like he wanted people to come up and see this ridiculous stunt the machine was pulling. Rather than have an audience while I waited for the obstinate "constipated" chocolate yogurt to come out I moved over to the more "regulated" vanilla. LOL!

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