Saturday, December 18, 2010

Hit to the Head

I wish I could say I'm fully prepared for trailer life and anything it throws at me but yet again I was caught by surprise.

My husband was working on a few small "home" repair projects outside when I decided to start working on one of my own repairs. I was determined to get the new door holder in place so I could once again leave the trailer door open without it banging shut against the screen. I stepped outside and proceeded down the trailer steps leaving the door open so the dogs could see what was going on. As I was opening the package of materials a piece dropped to the ground and I bent down to retrieve it. At the same exact moment a gust of wind blew our way attempting to send the trailer door slamming shut. . . . . against my poor head.

I immediately stood up grasping my head with one hand and my husband who was standing a few feet away mildly said, "That sounded like that hurt." No kidding! I think it was more embarrassing than anything else and with a few tears sprouting from my eyes I couldn't help but start laughing at the situation and what I must have looked like as the image replayed itself in my head.

Nothing like a mild concussion to get your day going!

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