Monday, October 4, 2010

Stuck in a Hard Spot

My husband and I relocated to a new town yesterday and we are in Northeast Oklahoma. As it is with any new place we travel to I like to take in my surroundings. This was my first morning in Oklahoma and after rising from a fitful night of sleep I set about opening the trailer blinds to let in the sunshine.

I came to the large living room window at the back of the trailer and raised the first accordion style blind and then went to move the second. I was viewing the scene before me when I noticed some strings hanging towards the bottom of the raised blinds. I couldn't imagine what might have torn the fabric on the blinds to create frayed strings so I leaned closer to examine them. I automatically raised my hand and gave one of the strings a slight tug and immediately drew my hand back. What I thought was a string was in fact not a string at all. I cautiously pulled the blinds down a tad and took notice of the spider body stuck between the accordion blinds. I had just tugged on a 3 inch spider leg. The only thought running through my head was, "WHAT? How did that get in the house?" My eyes were wide and my heart had definitely picked up its pace as I realized I had a freakishly large spider in the house. My imagination was running wild.

When I pulled the blinds up this morning that spider must have gotten stuck between the accordion style flaps and was being held prisoner. I watched in horror as the spider began moving and twitching his legs around. I was running through all possible scenarios of how to get rid of this spider and it was nearly making me sick.

Worst case scenario was that the spider would drop from the blinds and fall behind the couch and I did NOT want a loose spider on the run. I knew I had to get a grip.

I pulled the blinds down just a tad and could make out the spiders body. I fought back my feelings of heebie-jeebies and grabbed a tissue. Before pulling the blinds down all the way I used the tissue to grab the spiders legs that were sticking out from the blinds. Once the legs were secured in my firm grip I opened the blinds and pulled the spider out. The body of this long legged spider looked like a brown, fat tick. You almost would have thought it was some kind of mutant tick thing if it didn't have legs and 2 noticeably large fangs.

I stared at the spider being held captive in my hand and knew I needed to discard of it. I was nearly making myself queasy thinking of that spider running around in our home. I took it outside, wrapped a paper towel around it and used every ounce of strength to roll that paper towel into a ball feeling confidant the spider had been squished. I left the rolled up paper towel of a spider on the front bumper of my husbands truck.

Oh, heaven help me.......

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