Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Donut Demolition

I have been in Rusk, TX for a little over 4 weeks now and have marvelously resisted the urge to snatch a donut at the local shop. I pass by the donut shop nearly every day while I am out and about and have managed to curb my desire for donuts.

However, this morning found me desperately craving the sweetness of maple frosting smothered over a delicious donut. I jumped in the car and was practically on autopilot as I headed towards the donut shop. I made my way around the last bend of pine trees and prepared to make my turn into the drive for the shop. I came to an abrupt halt when I was met by dumpster trucks and bulldozers surrounding what used to be the donut shop. The word "CLOSED" was written in paint all over the windows. My little donut spirit began to crumple as my hopes were crushed. I needed a donut and the shop I went to was being demolished. What are the odds?!

So I put the car in reverse and drove to the second donut shop in town. Good thing I had a backup. LOL!

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