Monday, October 11, 2010

Spirits of 66

These days I find myself in the town of Claremore, OK. While my husband and I travel around throughout the year to new destinations I enjoy picking up postcards here and there and sending them to loved ones.

As I made my way through Claremore last week I continued to pass a store called "Spirits of 66". Claremore sits on the famous Route 66 and I figured they would have nostalgia for everything Route 66, including postcards.

I finally decided to stop in today and browse around the store to see what nostalgic items they had. I was certain I would find exactly what I needed at that store, whether it be postcards or at least a souvenir. I pulled into the parking lot and just so happened to glance in the windows of the "Spirits of 66" store and made the instant connection. All I saw was bottle after bottle of liquor lined up on the shelves. I seem to frequently forget that "spirits" around these parts refers to "liquor". How wrong I was thinking that "Spirits of 66" might possibly be referring to the history and memorabilia of Route 66.

What was I thinking...........LOL!

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