Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Disappearing Act

I once heard that if you have dogs that like to dig you should refill the holes and put dog poop on top of them in order to deter the dogs from digging. Well, I have put this suggestion to the test and found it to work..........until now.

Out of the three dogs I now own I have discovered that one of my dogs occasionally goes through a poop eating phase. Much to my dismay, of course.

The dogs got into some mischief over the last week and I found myself with rake in hand as I tried to fill the holes that had appeared on either end of the house. It was an ongoing battle trying to keep the holes filled and preventing the dogs from re-digging the holes until I remembered the "poop deterrence". I immediately went outside and placed a handful of ripe poopies on each of the holes. This process has worked fabulously in the past and present but I'm noticing something missing as of late...............poop.

Every time I go outside I notice that there are less and less poops covering the holes that the dogs have dug. I thought it odd that dog poop was seeming to simply disappear until I saw it with my own eyes. Out in the middle of the yard I noticed our boy pup chomping down on something abnormal looking. After rushing outside for a closer look I soon realized who our poop culprit was. Not only does he move the poop from its strategically placed location on the holes but he also makes it disappear.

Talk about cleaning up after yourself. LOL!

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