Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hell's Kitchen

Today I survived working in the restaurant business for the first time ever.

As much as I love watching restaurant shows and reality cooking shows on TV I have never had a desire to work in the restaurant scene. Today however gave me a glimpse into the restaurant business I won't soon forget.

I was asked by family friends to help work in their catering/drive-up lunch window restaurant. I have never worked in the food industry and have even had nightmares over working a cash register machine but low and behold I agreed to do it. I showed up bright and early this morning at the back door to the restaurant and was welcomed in by the training committee.

Before I knew it I had donned an apron and was thrown into Training 101 on how to use a cash register. My biggest foe. I believe my tummy was in a ball of knots due to the anticipation but I soon figured out how to operate the machine. While processing a few to-go orders the machine blatantly beeped at me showing displeasure at my commands but I shook it off and continued onward. I wasn't about to let the machine frazzle me and it seemed my mouth made more blunders than anything.

While I was giving a customer a description of the main entree I caught myself saying, "We have a chickadee pattie that is fried...." It was supposed to be chickpea and as soon as I said chickadee I felt like slapping my hand to my forehead in embarrassment. Not only did the customer hear my mixed words but the construction worker across the lane was staring right at me as I rambled on about chickadee and chickpea. I laughed it off and quickly corrected my blunder. (Much to the customer's amusement I'm sure.) LOL!

I sent a lady out with a pita sandwich instead of a salad today but hopefully she'll forgive me because...............

I'll be back tomorrow and will face another fast paced lunch hour of filling customers orders and taking money.

Here's to another day in my own personal Hell's Kitchen episode. (It's pure bliss!)

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