Monday, November 8, 2010


As my body is still getting used to Daylight Savings I find myself up early in the mornings. With so much time on my hands I figured a visit to the Eisenhower Museum was in order. So off I drove to Abilene, KS.

As I meandered through the museum I was all alone. I don't know whether I was the first one to show up today or I was just on the opposite side of the museum from other guests, but it was very quiet in there and I felt like I had the place to myself.

I went about reading the plaques that were loaded with information about Dwight D. Eisenhower and I soon found myself in a secluded back corner of the museum. I continued reading and looking at the black and white pictures placed on the wall when I heard a strange noise behind me. It sounded as though it was coming from the ceiling and I immediately looked up but didn't see anything out of the ordinary. I turned around and continued reading where I'd left off. After a few seconds had passed I heard another sound, as if something was being ripped or moved nearby and my senses were on alert. I swung around to take in my surroundings but still found nothing out of place. The noise grew louder and closer and it was definitely creeping me out. As my eyes darted back and forth around the exhibit I couldn't see anything strange. Then all at once I gasped with fright and jumped backwards as a plaque display peeled itself off the wall and slid to the floor. The sound I'd heard was nothing more than sticky tape being pulled apart. Talk about startled!

I immediately did a 360 to see if anyone had seen what just went down but I knew if the security cameras were rolling somebody had to have seen my display of wide eyed glances and my jerky dance to the side when it all came down.

As I was leaving that part of the museum I noticed an employee walking around pushing the plaques firmly against the wall where I had just been and I wondered, "Hmmm, did they just learn from my previous mishap?" LOL!


Susan said...

I know the feeling about adjusting to the time change, only I find myself looking for the extra hour everyday, like the one we had on saturday! Kudos to you for not running from the museum screaming. Had I been there alone when that happened I'd have peed my pants then passed out. Bravo to your bravery!

Judith Anne said...

I'm sure my display of wide eyed fear and fancy footwork gave whoever was watching the security cameras a good laugh.....thanks for the note!