Thursday, June 17, 2010

Calm and Soothe, Coming Right Up

Now that I'm living in a trailer out on the road I've had to forgo the convenience of having a backyard and all the luxuries that provides. With 3 dogs in the trailer I decided it would be best to get them on a routine as soon as possible and every morning after they eat I've been taking them on a walk. Yes, all 3 at once. Normally this isn't a problem but today was no ordinary morning. You see, we had a visitor under our trailer that I had no knowledge of.

I had barely stepped off the front steps when Abbie and Benny got jacked up over something they saw towards the front of our lot and I had to forget locking the trailer door and focus on managing those 2 hooligans. As their hackles went up and whines and barks increased I noticed who the culprit was. A little rabbit went darting out across the street. Talk about timing. It couldn't have been worse. Pahhhh!

I led all 3 dogs to the back of our lot so they could calm down after that bit of excitement and I wound up having to force one of my dogs to the ground. I couldn't believe how worked up Abbie had become over that little rabbit as she has never paid any attention to them before. I watched as her back legs would quiver every 30 seconds or so and I waited her out until her spasms were done.

I tell you what, those soothing and calming pills I've seen at PetSmart are looking better and better with each passing day. LOL!

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