Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Morning Highlight

I felt like I was in a serious morning slump today. One of those mornings where you would have rather just stayed in bed or at least within the confines of your own home.

On my morning drive to work I was heading down the road when all of a sudden a flock of geese (or ducks.......might have been ducks) started flying directly above the road I was driving on. They were only about 50 feet off the ground and it was just the coolest thing watching them closely as they flapped their wings and worked on their V formation. For a few small seconds I almost felt like I was a part of their flock heading south and I couldn't help but lean towards my windshield and smile as I watched them.

It might seem small and insignificant but God knew I needed to see that this morning. He is so good and his creation never ceases to amaze me. :0)

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