Saturday, July 25, 2009

Flight of the Yellow Jacket

I arrived at an acquaintance's house to pick up her son and as I walked up to the front door I noticed a yellow jacket flying around the nearby flowers. I did my best to pay no attention to it and walked right between the two flower bushes that border the front walkway. The doorbell had been rung and I waited patiently in the entryway listening to the sounds of hurried steps and muffled voices on the other side of the door.

Next thing I knew the yellow jacket that had previously been minding his own business decided to venture into my little bubble. He came cruising up the walkway and got way too close for comfort. I looked around in a panic for something to deter him with and all I had were my car keys! I knew the folks inside the house were going to open the door at any moment and I was afraid at what they might see on their front porch, but I had to get the wasp away from me. I was scooting around the porch in quick fashion, flopping my big feet, and as the wasp came back for a second visit I used the only thing I had handy. I shook my keys at him and nearly clobbered him in the process. (Oh that's good, make him even more testy. Pahhhhh!)

Apparently he had enough, but before he turned and flew away he flung a brown little ball of something onto the patio floor. Was that a seed he was carrying? Was it a ball of poison? Curiosity got the best of me and I leaned in for a closer look. I tapped the little round ball of brown with the tip of my flip flop and was astonished at what I discovered. It was POO! A little round blob of brown goo. That little wasp had tried to hit me with a dropped ball of poo!


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