Tuesday, July 14, 2009

FedEx Fumble

I was driving through my old work business park earlier today when I saw the ol' familiar FedEx truck pull out in front of me just down the block. For a split second I got excited and thought to myself, "Oh wow, this could be one of my FedEx guys!"

So I pushed the pedal to the medal and sped up to the FedEx truck. I realized I better back off his tail a little bit so he could at least see me in his mirrors. As we were driving down the lane I was smiling like a nut and trying to decide whether I wanted to flash my brights at him, wave my hands in the air, or honk my horn once or twice to get his attention. As though the little black car zipping behind him wasn't enough to notice. Thankfully I didn't do ANY of the above. Much to my luck.

As he pulled into the same lot that I was headed too, I cautiously got out of my car and nonchalantly threw a glance over my shoulder to see the driver of the truck.

THANK HEAVENS I didn't act like a nut job waving that guy down because it was NOT either one of my beloved FedEx guys. THAT could've turned out rather embarrassing had I flashed him down.................especially since he followed me into the building. Talk about awkward possibilities.

Leave it to me.


Earl Burlington said...

hmmmm more men in your life now.....the list just goes on and on!!!

Judith Anne said...

Oh sure,sure. :) As though you're the one to worry Earl. LOL!