Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Between a Bike and a Hard Place

This evening found me in a tight little fix.

I was in the garage pulling down a crate off the shelves. Sounds easy enough but what you must know is that the shelves I was needing to get to were behind four hanging bikes. I was crammed up against an old lamp stand on one shoulder and a dirty bike tire pinching me in on the other shoulder. I spotted the crate I so desired and went to work pulling the dusty bin from the shelf. I was tugging and scooting and shifting, TRYING to maneuver this crate of dishes free from its spot on the shelf. Well, as I was out there all alone I was finally making progress and the crate came sliding down the shelf at an angle and before I knew it my hand was caught between the heavy crate and the bike on my right! I think I let out a little moan as a "what do I do" sort of sound and then I couldn't help it. I started laughing.

Not so much at the pain of being squished but more at the predicament I found myself in. I attempted to shift the crate down easily but every time I pulled I jammed my hand up against the bike. Not so easy. I guess my problem is that when something isn't giving---I yank until it does. That technique right there probably did not help the situation with my hand.

So there I was with my twiggy little arms attempting to hold this crate at an odd angle and all I could do was laugh. And any of you that know me understand that when I laugh it does nothing to help the amount of muscle I WAS using to begin with. I managed to maneuver the clunky crate down out of the obstacle course but not before something funny happened to my hand. As I was yanking and pulling during my small battle I paid little attention to my own physical safety. However, after I got the crate down I noticed that my hand was feeling a little..........funny. I was afraid at what I might see but I decided I needed to look as I was the only one in the garage who would be able to do anything about it. As I turned my hand over I think my stomach flip-flopped at what I saw. One of the veins that runs on top of my hand had popped up over one of the skinny lil' tendons/bones on top of my hand. Due to the strain I put it under I'm sure. LOL! I'm serious when I tell you that the vein was sticking up out of my skin a good quarter of an inch high. No joke! It looked like something alive was growing under my skin.

Now I have a red spot on my hand.

I still have not located the dishes I am looking for. Did I just pop a vein for nothing?!


Ashley said...

I do believe you popped a blood vessel for nothing ... sorry to be the bearer of bad news. ;-)

Justin said...

please judith........your veins aren't even a quarter inch around.......but i'll still nod my head and listen :)

Judith Anne said...

Very funny you two. It looked like a tube was bulging out of my hand!