Thursday, July 2, 2009


Due to the sizzling summer temperatures in Arizona I felt it was high time to finally breakdown and purchase a sunshade. No more touching a steering wheel that is hot enough to cook raw hamburger, aka---my hands. No sirree, I finally joined ranks thanks to my dad and his generous purchase of the sunshade. Now all I have to do is master the art of folding it down.

Easier said than done people!

I'll admit that I have been on the slow boat when it came to buying a sunshade. Never owned one in my eight years of owning a car. Pitiful, I know. Anywho, it's a common sunshade in the shape of two circles and now I have the wonderful task of taming it.

I've done pretty well at folding it down to the correct 8" circles it's supposed to be, but was just a battle of wills. I was sitting in the Target parking lot, warm air blowing in my face as the AC set to work cooling down the car and me sitting there attempting to fold these two circles into a taco shape and give a flip of the wrist---per the directions. Try after try after try and still no success. As the sunshade was bee-boppin around my dash as I skillfully tried to fold it down I could not get it to compromise. As I was battling it out time after time with the shade, taking hits to the face when it would pop open unexpectedly, all I could wonder was "Is anybody watching me?" I know if I'd seen someone fighting with their sunshade as dramatically as I was today there'd be no hope at hiding the laughter.

The frustration at trying to fold two screens into smaller circles got the best of me and I wound up throwing them into the backseat. Out of sight, out of mind.

I SHALL conquer this!

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