Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Shocking Discovery

My husband and I are staying at his friends house while we are in town for the next 2 weeks.

It was a rushed trip to this destination and we brought along our hamper full of dirty clothes in hopes of finding a laundromat nearby to wash them. After telling my husbands friend what our plans were for our laundry they insisted that we use their washer and dryer. This morning I decided to knock out the 2 loads of laundry in the basket and quickly set to work throwing a load in the washer. On a side note: the washer and dryer stand directly on top of each other and are located by the back door.

I was going about my business, taking a load out of the wash and putting it in the dryer up above and so on. When it came time to pull the laundry out of the dryer I hesitated opening the door as I knew a few items might fall out. And fall they did. A pair of my shorts and panties went falling towards the floor and landed on top the garbage bin. With arms full I snatched up the items and took them to my room to fold them.

Later in the afternoon the man came home to pick up some lunch and as I chatted with him I told him I was going to let the dogs outside. As I walked past the washer and dryer on my way to the backdoor I noticed a pair of white panties lying between the trash can and the washer. My eyes got big and I sucked in a breath as I realized another pair of my panties must have fallen from the dryer without me noticing it. I was horrified at the thought of the man finding the panties lying there and having to ask me about it. After I let the dogs out I made sure the man was still in the living room and I snatched the panties up and stuffed them into my pocket. I smoothly walked across the living room where the man was and made a beeline for my bedroom.

After getting through the doorway and over to my side of the bed, clearly out of his line of vision from the living room, I pulled the panties out of my pocket. As I held the panties in my hand I noticed a few "markings" on them that I just couldn't place and as I looked for the tag I soon realized that THOSE WERE NOT MY PANTIES!!!

That's when the REAL look of horror passed across my face. The shock on my face from what I had done was priceless. I immediately went into a slight panic as to what I should do. I hardly know these people we are staying with and I wouldn't feel comfortable walking up to her and telling her that I found a pair of her panties lying around. What was I to do?! I wanted to save us both from embarassment. My mind was racing with different scenarios and none of them sounded good. I stuffed the panties back into my pocket, walked through the living room once more and put the panties right back where I'd found them. They'll be cleaning the house today and I'm hoping they'll discreetly come across them at that point.

Oh my gosh, why me?!

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