Monday, April 4, 2011


Two Sunday's ago we had a musically talented family visit our church. They played a myriad of stringed instruments as well as putting on a small puppet show for the children. The puppeteers wanted the audience to bark, "Woof-woof-haa-haa, woof-woof-haa." One feels a little silly barking a chant like that but it was all for a good cause going along with the puppeteers message. We soon found out what we were "really" chanting was "Jesus loves you, very much." Well, it's been a few weeks now since that Sunday morning but I haven't forgotten that chant. I was sitting in the recliner today with my 3 dogs sprawled out nearby on the floor and was curious to see what their reaction would be to my dog chant. I began saying, "Woof-woof-haa-haa, woof-woof-haa" and all 3 dogs immediately jumped up and came closer to me with ears perked up and tails wagging. I continued barking my chant, growing louder and louder, and Abbie about nearly knocked me out when she tried to jump up in my lap! She immediately stretched out her thin frame and tried to kiss my face with her slobbery tongue! I sat in the recliner dodging her tongue turning my head left and right to get out of her reach. Watching her reaction to my bark made me laugh all the more which I'm sure encouraged her behavior. Chloe and Benny weren't far behind Abbie as they tried to push their way forward to get a better look at me. If you ever need a laugh just try barking "woof-woof-haa-haa, woof-woof-haa" to your dog and see what they do. If they don't react the way my dogs did then it probably just proves that I have 3 of the silliest dogs ever created. LOL

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