Thursday, April 7, 2011

Curiousity Killed the Cat

I wish loose dogs were the only thing I had to look out for in this small town trailer park, but alas, I must look out for cats too. One cat in particular that feels he owns the whole trailer park.

The evening air was cool and breezy and with my husband working outside on the other side of the trailer I decided to leave the front door open as I took out the trash. I made sure the screen door was latched behind me and set off for the dumpster. I hadn't made it more than 50ft. when I heard our dogs barking. I turned around right in time to see all the drama unfold.

All at once I saw the trailer park cat running in between our cars, the screen door popped open banging against the trailer as Abbie and Benny raced down the stairs with Chloe on their heels. The dogs were racing between the trailers after the cat and I immediately took off running down the lane as soon as they made it down the steps. I had hopes of cutting them off before they were able to get to the end of the street and exit the trailer park onto the streets of Calipatria.

Perhaps the dogs saw the fire in my eyes but Benny came to me without a fight and Abbie trotted up to me as though she had not a care in the world and she even had the nerve to look like she was smiling. Needless to say, Abbie and Benny were grabbed by the collar and marched back to the trailer. Chloe seemed to do a nervous dance and she ran back to the trailer ahead of us and didn't need to be told twice to get up inside. I've learned my lesson about the screen door but I hope the cat has learned his lesson to stay away from our trailer. If he doesn't he'll be flying through his 9 lives before our stay is up at this trailer park.

Perhaps that's not a bad idea........ KIDDING!

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