Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bottled Up

I saw the funniest thing in small town Calipatria today.

Clearly someone in this town takes being a dog owner seriously and puts forth an effort to keep their dogs locked up. I was enjoying an early evening bike ride with my husband when we rolled to a corner and waited for a break in traffic before crossing the road. We heard a commotion at the corner house towards our left and glanced over to see what the ruckus was. There behind the fence were about 5 or 6 Chihuahua's pushing up against the front gate as 1 of the dogs was clearly making headway in his great escape. We watched as he squeezed his porky sized body between the gate and fencepost and listened as the other dogs left behind seemed to bark their encouragement.......or maybe their protest at being left behind.

We continued to watch as he made his way to victory, reaching his freedom on the streets of Calipatria. While the escapee strutted his stuff along the sidewalk the remaining dogs looked on in defeat. What prevented the other dogs from breaking out were the plastic bottles attached around the dogs necks. With a wider body frame there was no way those dogs could squeeze between the fence and escape. Innovative, and brilliant!

I wish more people around here would take to tying plastic bottles around their dogs.......or a 50lb. weight. I know I'd sure appreciate it.

Plastic bottles, who would have thought.....

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