Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Wake Up Call

I have been married for 9 months now and in that time it has been a growing experience for both my husband and I. We've learned how to read each others moods, when to offer encouragment and when to be silent, who likes what on their sandwiches, as well as many other interesting things that make a husband and wife tick.

One thing I've realized about my husband is that he talks in his sleep. During the first week of our marriage I was hit in the stomach and grabbed around the neck on 2 separate occasions. I remember laying there beside him with wide eyes wondering, "What in the world did I get myself into....."

Things have definitely toned down since then but every once in awhile he wakes me up with his night time rambling. At one time I tried to talk back to him and figure out what he was dreaming about but asking questions tends to just make him more agitated. I've learned to be a silent listener when he speaks out during the midnight hour.

Last night was no exception. I was awakened rather abruptly when my husband practically sat up in bed saying rather forcibly, "Ya, I get you. I pick up what you're throwing down!" At that moment I figured he must have been dreaming about some kind of confrontational event.

Not one to get in the middle of things, despite my curiosity, I kept my lips sealed and inched closer to my side of the bed. LOL

Sweet dreams!


Anonymous said...

Ha Funny...as Chris says I do the same thing. Must be a Marcotte thing. Although I have yet to grab his throat or hit him! LOL The joys of being married.

Judith Anne said...

Yes, I've learned to play it safe and keep my distance when possible. LOL!