Thursday, February 18, 2010

Twilight Zone

Have you ever seen the episode of "Twilight Zone" that deals with the ventriloquist dummies? The one where they come alive and move on their own? Well I have and I feel like I'm living it.

We have a life size cardboard cutout of a man at our house. It came as part of a display from the grocery store my brother works at and somehow it followed him home. This cardboard man has popped up in numerous places around our house, scaring anyone who unsuspectingly comes across him. From my brother's bedroom, to my parents closet, to my brothers backseat in the car. What is so disturbing about this poster cutout is the mans ecstatic face. It's no wonder it startled and scared people upon entering the grocery store. It's creepy.

The cardboard man's latest place of rest has been in our garage. I got startled by him this morning when I opened the garage door to put something away. I thought there was a man in the garage staring at me and it took my breath away. However, it was the second time he scared me this morning that really creeped me out. As I was exiting from the house through the garage door this morning I noticed the man was staring straight at me. I tried to push the image from my mind as I walked past him and hustled on down to the street where my car was parked. As I climbed in the car and turned the heater on I just so happened to glance up at the garage and the cardboard man was now facing the street...............staring straight at me! It sent shivers down my spine. How did that cardboard man with the intense smile get turned around? How was he facing the street when not seconds before he was facing the house?

Major creeper!!! Can you understand why I'm a little rattled about this? I'm sure there has got to be a reasonable explanation about how he got turned around but he has GOT to go.


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