Thursday, February 4, 2010

Trouble Shooting

Wow. All I can say is wow. I came into work this morning and sat at my computer ready to start my day. I moved the mouse to light up the screen and typed in my password to unlock the computer. The next thing I saw was a little box that popped up saying invalid password. I retyped it in I don't know how many times, making sure Caps Lock was off and Num Lock was on. And every time it was the same thing---invalid password.

I was about to go crazy thinking I was going to have to call our IT guy because my computer had a mind of its own and had totally locked me out. Before I called my sister for some trouble shooting I tried one last attempt and typed in my password MINUS the two numbers at the end and WA-LAA. I was in! That was a lucky shot because my finger had automatically hit the Enter key after typing in my "abcdef" password while I was still thinking there were two numbers that were supposed to follow it. Pahhhhh!

So glad I didn't call the IT guy on that one. LOL! Wish I could blame it on not having my morning coffee.............but I don't drink coffee!

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