Monday, March 8, 2010

Break Neck

I don't know how it happened, but it happened.

I was helping my dad unload a new water heater from the back of his truck. I jumped in to help him out and I got on the other side of the box so we could lift it out of the truck. Somewhere along the line our signals got crossed as to what our game plan was. I thought we were going to carry it to the back of the garage and dad thought we would just set it on the ground and pull it.

As Dad and I slid the water heater out of the truck I had my hands under the box attempting to get a good grip on it so I could carry it easier. Little did I know Dad had already popped the cardboard handles at the top of the box on HIS side. I didn't even know there were handles! So there we were holding the box, very awkwardly if you ask me, and the next thing I knew Dad began lowering his side of the box to the ground and it began to lean towards me at a dangerous angle. I didn't know we were putting it on the ground. Hence the need for a game plan. I was crouched like a frog with my hands placed under the box and as Dad was tipping it towards me the whole box began resting on my neck. My neck was holding up the dumb water heater! He yelled at me to get my hands out and when I did.....TWANG! I thought I broke my neck. LOL! I popped up off the ground clutching my neck, trying to figure out where "WE" went wrong.

If only you could have seen that dismount.

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