Sunday, July 24, 2011

Season of the Locust

The other night I opened the back door to let the dogs outside for their evening jaunt before bed. The weather seemed pleasant enough so I stepped outside onto the back porch with Abbie while Benny and Chloe meandered through the grass.

Out of nowhere I immediately began to hear this buzzing noise which could only mean one thing. It's summertime and locusts are abundant. Abbie was quickly upon the buzzing locust nudging it with her nose as it moved to the left and right. I realized I had stepped too close to the locust and before I knew it the bug launched itself into the air at the porch light.

Much to my horror it began to dive bomb me as I jumped around the back patio in my PJ's with my arms covering my head. The locust had no sense of direction and continued bouncing into my head. I have no idea how loud I was yelling but awkwardly made my way to the door and jumped inside.

The dogs didn't seem to mind the buzzing locust as much as I so I let them in one at a time when the coast was clear.

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