Saturday, July 9, 2011

A Feel Good Story

This evening my husband and I were parched and sweaty from being outside in this horrid heat. (Guess that's to be expected when you live in a desert.) We decided to climb in the truck and hit the road to the Circle K, all of 3 blocks. On our way there we passed an older gentleman taking a seat on a fence in the shade. He looked to be heading home with his grocery bag in one hand and his cane in the other.

After getting our drinks and jumping back in the truck we began our short drive home. As we passed down Main Street we noticed that the older man had resumed his walk and was shuffling his feet down the sidewalk. He went about 30 feet and then had to stop for another break.

My husband and I both felt the same as we looked at each other. We turned the truck around and headed back to the gentleman. We pulled up to the curb and I rolled my window down as I offered him a ride home. The giant of a man climbed in with his 6 pack of Coca-Cola and his overly tall cane. At the rate he was walking it would have taken him another hour to get home.

We might have made his night by getting him home faster and more safely, but in all honesty...... he made MY night. :)

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