Sunday, July 17, 2011

Lift Off

I was out to lunch with the family today at a favorite burger place. We enjoyed our dinner over lively conversation, paid our tab and prepared to depart.

It's summertime and things tend to stick so as soon as I stood up from my chair I immediately set to work making sure my outfit was still in order, skirt pulled down, blouse tucked in and so on. A woman can never be too careful when it comes to this sort of thing.

Upon standing I quickly ran my hands down the back of my skirt to make sure it was pulled down where it was supposed to be. Everything felt in order so I then moved on to checking the waistline, making sure my skirt wasn't twisted in some weird fashion and my blouse was still tucked in.

Amidst all the quick hand action of making sure I was in order I ran my hands down the length of my skirt once more and realized I had made a hasty mistake. My skirt was slightly bunched up in the back. I believe the panicked words flying out of my mouth were, "Oh my goodness!" as I reached a hand behind me to cover my rear. I was still facing the table when I realized this and immediately spun around to see if anyone sitting behind me had seen something they shouldn't have, all the while grabbing my skirt in the back and pulling it down while saying "Oh my goodness" once again. As I turned around I immediately made eye contact with an older gentleman sitting behind us. He held my gaze with a jolly look in his eyes while his wife sat across from him. He was wearing a grin as he looked at me and I was horrified to think of what I must have looked like.

All I could do was smile apologetically at the poor man. By then my family had all stood up, not knowing what had just happened and trailed behind me as we left our table. I tried to whisper to my mom what had just happened as I cast a glance over my shoulder after walking by and I saw the wife smiling at something her husband told her, noticing also that she was looking in my direction. I wanted to bolt!

I told my family what happened as soon as we walked out the door of the restaurant and my mom said, "Oh, is that why that couple was laughing as we walked by?" Pahhhhh!

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