Friday, June 10, 2011

Never Knowing What to Expect

I came to bed last night long after my husband had fallen to sleep. When I finally began to feel tired I carefully tip toed over the sleeping dogs and quietly climbed into bed beside my sleeping husband. After lying there for a few minutes I soon came to the conclusion that I needed to blow my nose before I could peacefully fall asleep. I reached for a tissue and began to softly blow my nose. I felt my husband stir beside me and watched as he rolled over and faced me. With wide eyes he looked directly at my face and mumbled something that sounded like "e-mooo, e-rooo" in a childlike voice and after that he simply rolled back over and faced the wall.

I was in a state of shock with wide eyes of my own as I tried to process what had just happened. At first I figured he had to have been awake with his pointed stare at me but after listening to his gibberish I knew he must still be asleep.

I'll admit, the look of him rolling over and facing me with eyes wide open was a bit unnerving but after the fact I couldn't help but chuckle at the whole episode.

I laid in bed for almost an hour trying to erase the picture of his wide eyes and pointed stare out of my mind. I never know what to expect with this one.........

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