Thursday, June 23, 2011


I believe we are in the midst of a cricket epidemic.

The other day I turned off the upstairs AC only to hear a squeaky noise coming through the vent. I leaned closer to the vent and couldn't tell if it was birds chirping outside, or a bug, or maybe even just the AC fan making noises.

A few hours later I was upstairs vacuuming and was in need of cool air so I turned on the AC. I had no sooner turned it on when I bent down towards the vacuum and out came a cricket flying from the vent, sailing right past my head and landing on the floor in front of me. I was NOT expecting that and it startled me......just a little bit.

I came to the conclusion that the cricket chirping must have been what I heard in the AC after I turned it off. Unfortunately I continue hearing the noise when the AC is off and all I can do is wonder how many baby crickets are up there.

I seem to find more and more every day. This can not be a good sign.

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